Provisional Time Table

Tuesday 4/9/18
Welcome and Official familiarization
Wednesday 5/9/18
Welcome and Official familiarization
18:30 Team captains meeting
Thursday 6/9/18
Series 5&4&3 Slalom Men Preliminary rounds
Series 4&3 Slalom Women Preliminary round
Series 3 Men Jump Preliminary round
19:00 Opening Ceremony
Friday 7/9/18
Series 2&1 Slalom Men Preliminary Rounds
Series 2&1 Slalom Women Preliminary Rounds
Series 3,2&1 Tricks Men Preliminary Rounds
Saturday 8/9/18
Series 2&1 Tricks Women Preliminary Rounds
Series 2&1 Jump Men Preliminary rounds
Series 2&1 Jump Women Preliminary rounds
Tricks men Final round
Tricks women Final round
Medal presentation
Sunday 9/9/18
Slalom Women Final round
Slalom Men Final round
Jump women Final round
Jump men Final round
Medal presentations
Final night Party

Official Familiarisation Programme

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